In the Spotlight: Cindy Lee

What’s your name? Cindy Lee How old are you? 28 Occupation? Microbiologist. Specialty/Interests? Running, football, softball. How long have you been running for? What made you start running? I started running in Middle School when I joined track and field. I was more into softball in High School but with the stresses of college IContinue reading “In the Spotlight: Cindy Lee”

In the Spotlight: Vicki Thai

What’s your name? Vicki Thai How old are you? 26 Occupation? Photo Editor for a start up company. Specialty/Interests? Running, but I love HIIT workouts. How long have you been running for? What made you start running? I’ll be running officially for two years in June. My fiancee and brother-in-law are both runners, but IContinue reading “In the Spotlight: Vicki Thai”

In the Spotlight: Simon Song

What’s your name?  My name is Shi Wen Song. And when you sound out my name in Cantonese, it sounds like Simon! How old are you? 27 Years Young. Specialty/Interest? (Cycling?) I have a growing passion for the competition, camaraderie and confidence that’s inherent of all sports! When and why did you start cycling? I guessContinue reading “In the Spotlight: Simon Song”

Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn 2016 Recap

Wanderlust 108 is something I’ve been wanting to attend, and when I saw that one of the stops this year was in Brooklyn, I quickly signed up and bought a ticket! For those that have never heard of Wanderlust 108 before, the event is basically broken down into 3 parts: 5K, Yoga and Meditation, inContinue reading “Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn 2016 Recap”

10 Years of Body Image Highs and Lows

I’ve never really shared any of this with anyone before. Acknowledgement is the first step to improvement, right? Well here goes. The shorter version goes something like this.. I didn’t have a healthy relationship with food. It was either an enemy or a best friend. I felt sick all the time. So at several pointsContinue reading “10 Years of Body Image Highs and Lows”