My name is Avah Au-Yeung, pronounced ‘Ay-vah’. I am happy you are here.

I am a Christian; believer and follower of Jesus. I graduated with a BS in nutrition and BA in media studies-communications. On the side hustle, I am an ACE-certified health coach and NCSF-certified personal trainer.

As a girl in her early 30s discovering and learning about herself every day, I am on a mission to creating my “less is more” life, finding confidence, and living with compassion.

Blessed to have the best of two cities, Miami born and raised, now turned New Yorker, I enjoy the beach and dread the cold. I love to travel, help people, meal prep and weight train at the gym.

I’m learning to live a healthy and happier life through faith, fitness, and healthy eating. Yumfitrun is my little place for sharing my progress of my journey through life, walking and running with Jesus, fitness, and all things that inspire me.

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get comfy. I hope you will stick around.