Celebratin’ in Philly

Took a little road trip to Philly over the summer to celebrate Father’s Day and my dad’s birthday. To sum up our get away in just a few words: we ate, we took pictures, we charged our phones, and ate some more.

Day 1//
Spruce Street Harbor Park, Chickie’s & Pete’s Waterfront Crab, S.S. Franklin Fountain

Day 2//
The Roosevelt Mall Flea Market, Brunch at Day by Day, Dinner at Honeygrow

Day 3//
Reading Terminal Market, Philly’s Magic Garden, Chinatown Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House, Rolled Ice cream from ICE NY

Day 4//
Rocky Steps, Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ for Dad’s Birthday Lunch

Although it was a very short trip, I really enjoyed the great company and exploring Philly with my parents and Phil. Both my heart and tummy was content. This quality time together was a reminder that it’s not about where you go, but who you’re with that makes where you go worthwhile. Happy birthday dad, and love you lots.

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