MIAMI EATS: Submarine Crab

This was my 2nd time getting Submarine Crab in Miami. I love that my friends take me here because they know my love for seafood! The first time I went, I got the torpedo sauce (which was a little too spicy for me), so the second time I thought I’d play it safe by getting the garlic butter.. or so I thought. I went BIG and got the Combo #2; 1 lb clams, 1 lb shrimp with 1 lb of king crab legs. The seafood was amazing, but my fingers smelled like garlic for days no matter how much soap I used. And yeah unfortunately, my weak stomach could not handle all that garlic. I had no problem eating it – but I felt sick for days afterwards. I would go back again.. just think I’ll be getting butter sauce on the side or something! By the way, their corn and potatoes are ridiculously delicious!

Submarine Crab | 159 N Hiatus Rd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33026.

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