NY EATS: AG Kitchen

If you like guac, you gotta check out this place called AG Kitchen in the Upper West Side. They prepare the guac right in the middle of the dining room using the best looking avocados and fresh ingredients.

There’s classic, pineapple & pomegranate, papaya & mint, or the AG Guacamole trio – and you have the option of choosing mild, medium or spicy. We chose the mild papaya & mint guacamole. Even though the bowl is kind of small, making it pretty pricey for costing $11, it would make a good rare occasional treat given that the chips were also really good.

So I actually wanted to check this place out originally because of a craving for an arepa. I love arepas. For those that don’t know what an arepa is, it’s a yellow corn cake. So of course I had to get the braised short ribs arepa. It was what I came for. I demolished it, which wasn’t hard to do since it was exactly how I imagined it to be – deeelicious.

I also ordered a pineapple cole slaw since it sounded really good and I was feeling cole slaw that day. Sadly, it was a huge disappointment. We barely ate it because simply put, it was not good. I don’t know what it was, but Phil didn’t like it either and he’s not known to pass up on decently-tasting food. Phil got the market chopped salad with hanger steak, and according to him and the way he devoured it, it was really good.

We also got sweet plantains, which is one of my favorite foods! I love when it’s dark, sticky and soft but not overly mushy, with semi-burnt outer edges. MMMMM.

We enjoyed our late lunch and would get everything again minus the cole slaw. They also have happy hour with some good appetizers for $6. The restaurant is nicely decorated and gives off a pleasant vibe. If you’re ever in the UWS and is in the mood for some Latin food, I think AG Kitchen is your place to go.

AG Kitchen | 269 Columbus Ave (Btwn 72nd & 73rd St), New York, NY 10023.

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