Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn 2016 Recap

Wanderlust 108 is something I’ve been wanting to attend, and when I saw that one of the stops this year was in Brooklyn, I quickly signed up and bought a ticket! For those that have never heard of Wanderlust 108 before, the event is basically broken down into 3 parts: 5K, Yoga and Meditation, in what they refer to as a mindful triathlon for the mind, body and soul. Plus there’s a DJ, Kula Market selling crafts and stands of healthy foods.

I had a good time at Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn in Prospect Park. Only downside was lack of preparation on my part. I took the train to Brooklyn and got off at a stop near Prospect Park, but forgetting to check which part of the park I needed to be in. I got off at a stop that was VERY far from Nethermead lawn which I had to walk extremely far to get to. Other than that, expect somewhat long lines for the food, bring sunscreen (I got pretty sunburnt) and have fun! How was your experience?
See ya, xoxo.

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