LA BlogFest 2016 Recap

I stumbled upon something fascinating in which I applied to not really thinking much of it when I was doing research about a career in the fitness industry. Of course, I wanted to be chosen but I knew my chances of being selected were probably slim. I eventually got an email saying: “We received hundreds of applications and accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. While you are a great applicant and I wish we had enough space for everyone, we are unfortunately at max capacity right now. I have put you on the wait list in case anything should open up.” I was bummed out, especially knowing I could have applied sooner but instead procrastinated, but I remained somewhat hopeful. Out of curiosity, I found out I was about 40th on that list. I soon pushed the idea aside, thinking 40 people to turn this event down would be unlikely. This was in March, so I just thought maybe next year, and I’ll be sure to apply sooner then. On May 4th, I was on my phone checking my email after class and saw an email that made me literally jump up from excitement. The email said, “Hi Avah! Good news! A spot at the 2016 IDEA World Fitness BlogFest with Sweat Pink just opened up with your name on it!” I was ecstatic.

It was at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I stayed in Culver City/Marina del Ray/Santa Monica area and traveled by uber then metro for the 5-day fitness conference. This is one of the world’s biggest fitness conferences. Not only was I happy to be in LA for a week, I couldn’t believe I was able to get a complimentary conference entry.

When I was in downtown, I made an obligatory trip to Juice Served Here for their popular The Flight ($8) that I kept seeing posted on Instagram by some of the LA people I follow. I was suggested by the barista to try them going down the list, which was drinking them as they were placed on the tray in a zigzag-fashion. My favorite was the Cream Party. Second favorite was the Melon Bae. Green Heat was my least favorite (spicy-yuck).

Juice Served Here | The Flight Experience.

For the conference, the first two days were spent at BlogFest, where fellow bloggers and I followed this schedule. I learned so much. And really, it was so inspiring being there, and having so many speakers drop knowledge on us on how to blog successfully. Loved that we were able to wear athletic wear throughout the conference and it was the norm! Yoga pants and tank tops, don’t mind if I do!

On Saturday, we were able to sign up for classes with the IDEA World Conference as well as visit the Expo. There were many booths there and like all expos, lots of awesome freebies!

There were many sponsors there that we got to learn from, worked out with or spoke to about any questions we had. It was a little overwhelming being that it was my first time at a conference like this – I wasn’t mentally prepared to have so much information to take in. I took notes but by mid-afternoon, I was exhausted.

We were given many delicious snacks/lunches throughout the days. My favorites were Siggi’s dairy yogurt and Tru Flavors hummus dip, especially the olive oil + sea salt flavor!

I was happy to meet and interact with fellow fitness-enthusiasts and bloggers. It was nice being able to learn from their experiences and being inspired from their success stories.

I met these two lovely girls. Right: Pauline; Middle: Kat.

All the awesome things I got to take home! This was only what I got to keep, the rest I had to give away because my luggage only had so much room. (The knee brace was purchased). The Sweets in the Raw book was gifted to me by Laura Marquis of Naturally Healthy Desserts.

Look at this lovely group of people! Sadly, I’m not in the picture because this was taken at one of the events I unfortunately missed.

Photo courtesy of IdeaFit Blogfest. Copyright 2016 Len Spoden Photography.

Next year, BlogFest will be taking place in Las Vegas. I’m crossing my finger that I’ll be selected to go and get to attend again. And this time, I’ll be better prepared and make even more out of the experience. I am truly thankful to have been given this opportunity and can’t wait to apply the things I’ve learned.

xoxo – see ya!

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