Start Here // Let’s Do This Together

YFR is my place to be real and open with myself and with you. Living healthy and keeping myself in check with exercising and eating cleaner is definitely a progressive journey. It helps me to see how far I’ve come by tracking my progress here. There are days where I feel disgusted with myself for overindulging on unhealthy foods. Or when I fall off the tracks of working out or have zero motivation to do anything that involves moving. Point is I constantly struggle, and could use all the motivation and support I can get. I hope to find accountability through sharing and being open with you. I intend for this to be a no-judgment zone, so I kindly ask that you respect that and trust me to do the same for you.

Did I always eat healthy? No. Living in New York City and being surrounded with fast-food, restaurants and all kinds of food temptations (ice cream, crepes, donuts, cronuts, cupcakes, you name it!) everywhere certainly does not help! I didn’t always have the best eating habits. I grew up eating Papa Johns, yellow rice and salchichas, Chef Boyardees and lots of candy and junk food. I was pretty much the girl who always had candy in school (that’s how I made most of my friends :x). I kid you not my bookbag was never without Airheads and Poptarts. Growing up, somehow I managed to stay relatively thin for someone who ate so poorly. But I felt sick all the time. It was not until college that I started caring more and began educating myself on the importance of healthy eating and how food affects our bodies. My poor choices were slowly all catching up to me, and yes, that includes all the weight I was gaining. At one point, I had enough of laying in bed feeling sorry for myself for how sick I felt and knew changes had to be made. It was up to me to make these changes; it was obvious I needed to make healthier choices to really love and care for my body. Hence, this was one reason why I decided to stop drinking alcohol. (It has been 3.5 years!)

Let’s try our hardest to love our bodies and accept ourselves, and improve on the things that can be changed. I’m absolutely supportive of someone wanting to feel great in their skin. That’s what I want, to feel great, and of course, looking great would be a bonus. It is important for us to remember that working out is not something reserved for people who are overweight. I work out to be stronger physically and mentally. I’m not looking to get slim quick. I’m not aiming to be skinny. I work out because I want to be confident, especially in a bikini 😉 Ultimately, I want to feel energized and happy in my own body.

The main point I want to make is that I definitely don’t have this whole fitness and healthy-life figured out. I’m constantly learning and discovering something new. As much as I would love to have a flat tummy, toned legs, and smaller arms.. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t doing this for appearance – but I care about my health also.

I’m up for the challenge of finding the best classes to take, the best products to use, and the best foods to eat. I love that the fitness and health industry is constantly evolving and is full of exciting new things to learn and try. I hope I’ll be able to pay it forward by sharing a thing or two with you along the way. I will continue to put myself out there to learn and improve. I’m committed to #nomorelazy and ready for a positive transformation!

Lets do this together!? Having encouragement and support can really get you past those tougher not-in-the-mood-to-care-at-all days..

Excited and hope you are too.

Join the #yfrclub. xoxo

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